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Getting started

We designed anygoal to be easy to get started with and not time consuming.

Once you signed up, the workflow looks like this:

1. Create a goal

This is the first step. Create a goal, that follows any valuable metric of your company.

Some examples:

Then, select a start date for any of the goals.

The start date as a bit of importance: if the goal reporting period is "weekly" and start date is on monday, then all subsequent reminders will be sent on Mondays. If the reporting period is "monthly" and the start date is on 12/3/2019, then reminders will be sent on the 3 each month.

2. Assign a team member

Once your goal is defined, you can assign someone (with their email) to it.

This person will be in charged of this goal, and will receive email reminders every time new values are required (weekly, monthly, etc...).

You can also let this field empty, if you plan on pushing data via the API or to add someone later.

3. Wait for data

Now, wait for the first values to be reported for data to show up in your dashboard.

If you assigned someone to the goal, they will receive an instruction email to explain how to report data.